How To Make Large Rooms Feel Cozy

Some of the homes we take care of at Riverside Cleaning Services are quite large. No one wants rooms crowded with too much furniture, but it’s important our homes feel warm and welcoming when we entertain guests. Before you do anything, think about how you will use this space. It can be lovely to have plenty of room for large parties, but what about those times when it’s just a few special friends and family? If the room has very high ceilings, then a warm colored area rug can be just the thing to ground the room.

Often times the walls are a stark white and the furnishings are very neutral. Without a warm color on the walls, the rooms can feel cold. Another mistake people make is to line all the furniture up against the walls. In a nice cozy room, that is a great idea, but in a large room, the couches can be so far apart that people can’t hold a conversation. Instead, group two couches to get more towards he center of the room, with a large, upholstered ottoman in the middle.


The warmer, cream color on these walls, alongside the paint color on the inset cabinets serve to warm this room up and make it feel welcoming.

Then make a separate seating area against the walls using consoles tables and chairs. A large painting or a series of smaller ones hung in a group can draw the eye in. The two chairs flanking the console table offer guests another place to sit, or they can be drawn up around the ottoman for more seating when you have a larger group.

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Riverside Cleaning Finds Great Tips for You and Your Home

Riverside Cleaning Finds Great Tips for You and Your Home

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Riverside Cleaning Services has customers from all walks of life. We take care of small homes, middle-sized homes and great big mansion sized homes, but we take the same care of everyone, regardless of the size of their home. It’s just what we do. [Read more…]

What to do This Summer

What to do This Summer

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What are some fun things to do this summer. Whether you have kids or not. My husband and I are Disney Fans, so you can betcha we will be spending time at Disneyworld this summer. Probably with a grandchild or two in tow. That’s just how we roll.

Here in the Vero and Sebastian area, the beach is always a good time. The best time to go is in the morning, because for us it’s just too hot in the afternoon. But if you bring enough buckets and shovels, a great sand castle build followed by some shell collecting and a little frisbee catching always works well.

An Afternoon movie and then everyone is pretty well tuckered out.

We have the wonderful Environmental Learning Center : “Welcome to our 64-acre island campus! Start your tour with a stop in our Entry Pavilion to pay the small admission fee of $5 for adults and children over 12, FREE for discoverelc members and children under 12. Our Greeter will describe what you can do on campus. Learn about our history and ask about our cell phone audio tour, discovery guides, and site map…Head over to the Discovery Station Interactive Museum which is home to the largest brackish water aquarium in Indian River County, a 145-gallon touch tank where you can get up close with some of the marine animals that occupy the Indian River Lagoon, 3 other aquariums, dioramas with lift panels, hands-on exhibits and a life-size replica of a manatee’s head where you can experience how a manatee eats seagrass from the lagoon floor.”

Not too far away is the Brevard Zoo. There are all manner of things to do. They have the TreeTop Trek, Where you can take a zip line through a trail and see the park from on high. They have a Trek for every level of adventurer from the lowest course with just a few elements and zip lines, all the way up to the Expert Level where you can:”…. test your limits? Take in Canopy Walk, Challenge Reloaded and these 6 additional elements for a total of 41 elements and 14 zip lines! This is definitely our most physically grueling course, but it’s also the most rewarding.”

Or you can simply take a ride on one of the zip lines. If you are all for just keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, that’s okay too. You can ride the train through the grounds and:”Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! This 10-minute excursion, narrated by a seasoned guide, whisks guests through an expansive habitat home to camels, ostriches and the rare scimitar-horned oryx.” All Quotes taken from the Brevard Zoo Website.

There is also the Kennedy Space Coast Center in Merritt Island which is a great way to spend a day and learn so much about space travel and history. Even the children will love it.

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Do You Need Help Unpacking From a Big Move?

Do You Need Help Unpacking From a Big Move?

riverside cleaning services can help you unpack

At Riverside Cleaning Services we do construction cleanup for several high-end builders here in Indian River County. Over the past few years, many of the clients whose homes have been cleaned by us once construction is completed have asked us to stick around and help them unpack.

Whether it’s moving into a new home, or moving back into a home that has just been remodeled, we are happy to help you get settled.  Many of the folks we work for have really busy lives, so taking several weeks to unpack and pt things away is simply not an option.

We help them take everything out of the boxes, hand wash special items, run things through the dishwasher, and if they have purchased new linens for their new home, we get those washed and dried for them as well.

I know you think, oh I can do this myself, and you probably can, but at what cost physically. If you have a busy life, then you will be unpacking late into the evening, when you should be getting some rest. For many people moving can be stressful. Purchasing a new home, building a custom home, or an extensive remodel involves literally thousand of decisions on top of the everyday ones we are all faced with. Why not leave some of the work to us and give yourself a break?

Give us a call, don’t hesitate, we can help. When you see everything in its place and you can finally find all of your things, it will be such a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Carole Melasi

house keeping, house cleaning, property management, construction clean up, office cleaning