Comfort Food for Back to School

Comfort Food for Back to School

I know it’s still pretty warm here in Florida, but I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a dinner that warms my heart as much as it warms my tummy. How many of you had chicken pot pies as a kid? I don’t remember having it too often, but I was looking through the recipes on, and this one caught my eye. [Read more…]

Window Washing Time

Riverside Cleaning Services, Vero BeachIt’s been a pretty dry summer, but we did have some record rainfall this spring. I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but the Holidays are right around the corner. For some of our clients, that means they will be returning soon from up North, or Canada, or the Mid-West. It also means that over the holidays they will most likely be having company. [Read more…]

The Season is About to Begin!

Snowbirds leaving or returning to Vero Beach, partime residents, winter , summer property management services, airport shuttle servicesHouse cleaning services in Vero Beach

Vero Beach is a popular place. And why shouldn’t it be? The real estate prices are reasonable, homes are gaining in value, the beaches are beautiful and our people are friendly. We are located not too far from Orlando, and not too far from Miami. The location is close to everything.  [Read more…]

Cool Summer Salads

Cool Summer Salads

summer salad recipes from Riverside and recipes.comIt’s hot, and when it’s hot, it’s hard to cook unless you are barbequeing, and even then it can be tough. So what to make for dinner when it’s this hot? How about a big bowl of pasta salad? You can cut up left over chicken, or even use tuna fish, boil a pot of pasta, mix up a little dressing, and you have a great dinner with all the food groups. Vegetables, starches, dairy, and protein.



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